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What is design/build? How is the process beneficial to me?
The Design/Build Process is a method of project delivery in which the homeowner will contract directly with one company for both the design & construction services. You as the homeowner would have only one company to deal with rather than being the "middle-man" between the contractor and the architect. One of the benefits of using the Design/Build Process is your project will be in the hands of one company the entire time, avoiding communication breakdown between what was designed and what's being built, eliminating costly delays & cost overruns. Design/Build firms also tend to be more accurate on actual costs of construction & can design towards that rather than over-designing for your budget.

I would like to make an appointment with you - how do I do that and what will happen once I do?
Please Contact Us to schedule an initial consultation appointment. At your first appointment, we will discuss & review what you would like to accomplish with your project & describe in more detail Steve Reitz Company, Inc. & the Design/Build Process.

How much do you charge per square foot?
At Steve Reitz Company, Inc. our projects are as unique as our clients, & it is not possible to establish a "per square foot" price for our work. There are many areas that cannot be calculated on a square foot basis such a personal preferences, existing conditions, & individual requirements in the areas of quality and aesthetics. Remember, we take your home personally & need to be able to see what you have in mind before giving any estimated costs.

Will I need permits for my project and if so who handles the paperwork?
Once you approve the Finalized Contract, our permit specialists will handle all the paperwork needed for permitting. Every municipality has different building codes and licensing requirements. Steve Reitz Company, Inc. complies with and upholds all permit and licensing requirements as needed.

There are so many products on the market for selections. I am not sure about selecting products & matching colors. Who will assist me?
Steve Reitz Company, Inc. has an on-staff Selections Manager to assist you with the numerous selection decisions. Our Selections Manager will work closely with you to develop your color schemes & provide information on products so that you can make informed decisions. We will also work hand in hand with your designer.

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